Dietitian Consults

For in depth nutrition assessment and advice regarding nutrition to improve your health, manage your condition or advice on nutrition and supplements for improving body composition and sports performance.

At The Plant Potential we provide dietary advice for all kinds of diets including plant-based and meat inclusive. We have extensive experience with people with different dietary preferences and requirements.

All of our consults are provided online from the comfort of your own home, making it easier and more effective to access excellent quality health care and nutrition support.

Consults include:

  • Nutrition analysis of a 3 day food Diary

  • Initial: 1 hour consult Review: 30 minute consult

  • Personalized advice regarding foods, shopping, recipes, supplements and meal planning

  • Comprehensive resources relevant to your dietary needs

Our consults are suited for people looking for nutrition advice for a variety of issues:

  • Getting started on a plant-based (vegan) diet

  • Managing health conditions (Type II Diabetes, High cholesterol, High Blood Pressure)

  • Managing IBS with the low FODMAP diet.

  • Improving body composition: Gaining muscle or losing fat

  • Performance and Sport

Current Pricing:

At The Plant Potential, we provide incredible value prices for our services. Which we believe are some of the highest quality nutrition services available.

Initial consults: $70

Review consults: $40

What are Dietitians

Accredited Practicing Dietitians (APD) are recognised as the highest level of nutrition professional, APD’s are regulated by a national authority to ensure safe practice and continued professional development.

Working with an experienced dietitian ensures you are receiving the best nutrition advice available. You will be able to feel confident and equipped with plant-based nutrition knowledge to live your life to your true potential.

Plant-Based Nutrition

At The Plant Potential we support those looking to eat more plant-based, the science surrounding the benefits of plant-based nutrition is continually growing but being well educated on where to source essential nutrients from plants is paramount in reaping the health benefits of these diets.

The Plant Potential provide comprehensive education and resources that provide people on plant-based diets with all the information they need to support their health long term.

In a digital world where anybody can share information, getting nutrition advice from a reliable source such as a dietitian is essential in ensuring you are taking care of your health.

How to get started

Simply message via email or Instagram direct message to organize a consult.