Who conducts the consultations?  

Jacob McGinness, an Accredited Practising Dietitian, Personal Trainer and Online Coach. He is a university qualified health professional who has turned his focus into plant-based nutrition and weight training with first hand experience living and training on a plant-based diet.

What is involved in a Nutrition Consult?

  1. Pre-consult information: In order to effectively run a consult, I require a pre-consult questionnaire that gives me information about your health, diet and lifestyle.

  2. Nutrition Assessment: I will conduct an in depth analysis of your diet and identify any potential nutrition issues or factors that may impact your health and nutrition status.

  3. Goals and Strategies:  Together we will identify some goals and discuss strategies in order to form a plan that will ultimately improve your nutrition.

  4. Follow up: Follow up consults will allow for us to review, revise and continue improving your nutrition with additional planning, support and advice. (All follow ups come at a lesser price).

Where do consults take place?

Face-to-face:  I do work in a general practice clinic in Sunbury, Victoria but appointments are very limited, for Sunbury based Dietitian consults contact Evans Street Medical Clinic (03 9744 3311).

Online: Zoom consults Australia wide.

Cost of Consultations?

INITIAL CONSULTATION: $120 (45 minutes)


What payment methods are accepted?

Online Consults must be paid for ahead of time via Bank Transfer, or card details given during the consultation.

Payment can be made at the time before the end of a consultation via Visa or Mastercard.

How do I book in for a consultation?

Including your contact details in an email to jacob@theplantpotential.com

Use the HealthKit booking system to book online.

Services page using the enquiry form to make an enquiry.

You will be emailed a questionnaire which must be sent back 24 hours prior to your scheduled consultation time.

Do you give advice on supplements?


I can give recommendations on appropriate supplementation for your specific requirements. This includes general supplements (vitamins and minerals) as well as more specific supplements for athletes or fitness enthusiasts (protein powders and sports supplements).

You may also be recommended to get blood tests if you have not already done so as this will give more information into which nutrients you may need to supplement.

Can you help someone new to plant-based eating?

Yes. Being new to eating more plant-based can be extremely daunting but seeing a dietitian is one of the best things you can do.

There are a lot of questions about how to get all your nutrients, what to eat, where to buy it and how to cook it. It is also important to get your information from a credible source as absolutely anyone is putting information about nutrition on the internet.

After looking at your needs we will work together to plan some practical strategies to ensure your diet is meeting your requirements.

All questions regarding plant-based eating can be answered and support is available via follow up. I provide my clients with all the resources they need!

I have eaten a vegan diet for years, would I still benefit from a nutrition consult with Jacob from The Plant Potential?

It is important to realise that nutritional deficiencies can take decades to take effect and there effects are not easily noticed.

So even if you have been eating plant-based for years, you can benefit from professional nutrition advice.

I assess current dietary habits and conduct a nutrient analysis to see exactly which nutrients you may not be getting enough of.

I then make some food choice and supplement recommendations that will ensure you are getting enough of the nutrients you need to be healthy.

My doctor says I should eat meat and/or dairy products. What should I do?

Doctors are not the nutrition experts and are often not required to do more than 1 hour of study in nutrition.

Dietitians are health professionals that are study for 4 years specifically in nutrition and continue to learn and focus in nutrition throughout their careers.

As dietitians we are uniquely qualified in nutrition with formal education and clinical training in the nutritional management of disease and health.

It is not essential to eat meat and/or dairy products and in your consult you will be given advice to ensure you meet ALL your nutrition needs.

Can you provide advice on raising children on plant-based diets?

No. I currently do not have the experience or training required to feel confident in working with pregnancy, babies or children. However, it is an area I am learning more about and will be continuing studies in.

I believe there are other dietitians who provide better services in regards to raising vegan or plant-based children. You are welcome to enquire and I can refer you to one of the best plant-based paediatric dietitians in the world with years of experience in plant-based nutrition in pregnancy and young children.

Can you help me with my health conditions?

Some conditions may not be directly diet related but this can be assessed during your consult.

Often ensuring our diets provide us with what we need may aid in the management of other health conditions (fatigue, depression, Gastrointestinal problems).

A well planned plant-based diet can effectively manage:

  • Obesity

  • Type 2 Diabetes `

  • Hypercholesterolemia

  • Hypertension

Can you help me feel more energised?

Fatigue and lack of energy is a common issue and in many cases it can be diet-related.  

Many nutritional inadequacies may lead to fatigue and in these you can manage them by ensuring our diets provide us with the nutrients you need.

This is where an assessment of your nutrient intake and advice regarding this can help you feel more energised.

It is recommended you also obtain blood tests to help identify possible causes for your low energy and help recognise any other health issues.

Do you offer long term coaching for people interested in gaining muscle or fat loss?

Yes. I have an in-depth understanding of training and nutrition specific to muscle growth, fat loss and strength / power lifting.

I offer online coaching in 12 week packages, where I will provide a training program and nutrition plan with fortnightly Skype consults to discuss nutrition, training and provide continual support.

I also use this time to educate and empower my clients to continue making strides in the gym beyond the 12 week period.

This service includes:

  • an initial consultation (around an hour)

  • educational resources based on your goals and circumstances giving you all the information you need.

  • Nutrition plans

  • Spreadsheet containing your training program, long term plan and details about your nutrition.

I conduct ongoing fortnightly check-ins that will keep you on track and making progress.

2019 COACHING OFFER: $500 for 12 Weeks of coaching (Initial consult + Training Spreadsheet + Macro/Bodyweight Tracking + 5 fornightly check-ins)

Further questions, please email jacob@theplantpotential.com